My top 5 reasons to be Vegetarian

Publié le 17 Janvier 2013

1. Vegetarian diet is healthy and energy-giving

  •     It avoids poisonous chemicals and fat found in meat and mechanically forces you to eat more vegetables and fibbers

2. Vegetarian diet is clearly environment-friendly

  •     Meat production requires 7 times more water than meat while gas generated by meat production boosts global warming

3. Vegetarianism has the power to contribute to world hunger eradication

  •     70% of cultivated land is used to feed animals for meat producers sold in rich countries

4. Vegetarianism makes you feel lighter, peaceful and in harmony

  •     It is simply based on the ideal of human treatment of all living creatures as opposed to most abattoir practices

5. It creates a mindfulness attitude about food in general

  •     It forces you to consciously select what you eat and balance your meals with creativity.
My top 5 reasons to be Vegetarian

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